Fire Alarm Inspection and Monitoring

The most common cause of false or nuisance alarms in fire alarm systems are a lack of periodic testing and maintenance.  As the brain to your Fire Protection system, it is critical to keep your fire alarm system up to date and thoroughly tested.

As your inspection partner for both, Three Alarm will ensure the fire sprinkler and fire alarm system are properly connected and seamlessly integrated.  Detailed inspections are conducted by experienced service teams following NFPA 72 guidelines.

Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspection:

  • Battery Life
  • Water flow devices
  • Control unit trouble signals
  • Testing of all reporting devices of the control unit

Fire Alarm Monitoring:

  • Complete 24/7 monitoring services
  • System updates available
  • Simple setup

SIMPLIFY Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Monitoring on all your properties.



March 16, 2013 a fire started in a bedroom on the third floor of a large apartment complex in Lehigh Pennsylvania.  Unknowingly to the tenants the fire quickly spread through the complex claiming the lives of four tenants.

The property manager is currently in litigation over alleged lack of adequate smoke detectors in the building and failure to inspect the smoke detectors that were in the building.

A properly operating fire alarm system expedites building evacuation.