Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing

As a first line of defense in case of a fire, keeping your extinguishers properly maintained and operational is paramount for use during an emergency.  Monthly and Annual service plans available, including recharging and hydrostatic testing as per NFPA 10 guidelines.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections include:

  • Check gauge pressure gage is reading in the operational range
  • Extinguisher is accessible and visibly free of obstructions
  • Check manufacture date to determine if additional testing is required
  • Clean the extinguisher
  • Service extinguisher mount
  • Check entire cylinder to visible damage
  • Replace extinguisher as service life end nears
  • Update extinguisher with annual inspection tags

Detailed service performed by trustworthy service technician partners.

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Success Story:

In March of 2010 an on duty police officer smelled something coming from the stage of a theatre.  Upon checking the source of the smell he saw the stage curtains on fire.  He quickly grabbed two readily available fire extinguishers and contained the blaze prior to the arrival of the fire department.  The firefighters thanked the quick thinking police officer for averting a huge disaster, as the fire originated in a very hard to reach area.

Properly serviced and positioned fire extinguishers can put a fire out before it grows of out of control.